We are the Davis family and are on our way to Myanmar. My wife and I both grew up in preacher’s homes. My dad pastored a church in Montana and has been an assistant pastor in Connecticut for 25 years. 27 years ago, my father in law started the church he pastors in upstate New York.

My grandfather died from cancer when I was 10 years old. Shortly after he passed, I got saved during a church invitation on a Sunday morning and was baptized that night. Annie also got saved at a young age during a Sunday morning church service.

In sixth grade, my teacher had us write a 5,000 word research paper on a famous American in history. Half the grade would go to English and the other half to History. Most of the students chose famous generals or presidents, but I chose Adoniram Judson. He is the first to leave our shore to go to a foreign land as a missionary. His original destination was India, but God redirected him to Myanmar (Burma). During the same school year our church held a missions conference, and God called me to preach during one of the services.

After high school I went to Bible college in Indiana majoring  in missions. This is also where I met my wife. In my “Countries Without Christ” class, God once again impressed the Myanmar peoples on my heart. I even got to take a trip to the Thai–Burma border during my senior year (2008).

Once I finished my studies, I worked on staff in the church where I grew up as an intern. We taught in Sunday school and in the Christian school, ran a bus route, repaired the buses, and worked with Myanmar refugees in Hartford, Connecticut.

Since 2012, we have been serving at Grace Baptist Church in Troy, New York.  I drove the church bus and taught a children’s Sunday school class. I also have filled the pulpit for pastor when he was out of town.

We started full-time deputation April of 2015. The Lord has graciously allowed us to exhort churches to be involved in missions and the Buddhist world.



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